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See how much you would earn on Bitcoin if you invested in it every day! The calculation is based on the historical data of the Bitcoin movement.

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Meet ForEasy. The simple, intuitive and powerful service to manage your crypto investments on autopilot. Explore the service of the next generation for free and become a part of community of like-minded members.

DCA strategy

It is January 1st, 2018, and John decides to purchase $5,000 worth of Bitcoin today. The Bitcoin price at the time was $13,800 per coin, which means that John now owns 0.362 BTC.

Investing in Bitcoin using DCA (Example)

It is January 1st, 2018, and Alice decides she wants to purchase $5,000 worth of Bitcoin. However, instead of investing the entire amount today, she decides to purchase $500 every month, for 10 months.

10 months later, Alice owns 0.61 BTC. That’s allmost twice as much as John, even though both invested the same amount.

A few steps and you are an investor

After registering for the project, log in and go through the tutorial, in which you will follow some simple steps.


First of all, of course, you should connect your account on the exchange to our project (verification on the exchange is not needed, and registration is quick). It is safe.



Creation of the first investment. After connecting the exchange and replenishing the account on it. You just need to choose which coin to buy, and for what amount. The system will automatically invest according to the specified program.

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Build your portfolio. You can buy, for example, one bitcoin only, or you can make a portfolio of many coins. All in automatic mode.


You can track the statistics of your portfolio, and see how well each coin, or the portfolio as a whole, shows itself.


ForEasy monthly price depends on how much money you plan to invest. If you are ready to use Foreasy for a long time, you can choose an annual plan and save 20 percent. There are other discounts, depending on the number of months.

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Invest up to $700


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ForEasy has plans, from free to paid, that fit your needs. Sign up for a plan that fits the size of your investment.


Answers to frequently asked questions of the user. Familiarize yourself before using the service.

it is free for the first 7 days, and minimum $1 a month afterwards. We do not charge a percent fee. Our users keep all their returns. Discounts are available for 3 - 12 month purchases.

ForEasy only requires API keys with trade access, not withdrawal. This means nobody can withdraw funds from your Binance account. We encrypt all user data on our end with cryptographically secure hash functions. In addition, we engage in penetration testing and monitor logs to shut down trading in the case of suspicious activity.

No. ForEasy is a software tool, not a fund or an exchange. Deposit your cryptocurrency on Binance or Kucoin. Then connect your exchange accounts to ForEasy.

Yes, of course, there will be a little training in your personal account.

Now it is Binance and Kucoin.

There is no minimum balance. But there are minimum amounts for the transaction. $1 for Kucoin and $10 for Binance. Other exchanges also have their own minimum amounts.

ForEasy does not charge any transaction fees. Binance charges 0.1 percent transaction fee on trades. KuCoin 0.01 percent.

Now you can set up auto-investment in Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrency. Every day, week, month.

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